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press release 07.25.03
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Press releases and news items about the Freefloat products
press release 07.25.03
On August 2nd the Freefloat, a new invention for DJ's, will be launched during the Dance Valley festival in Amsterdam.

The Freefloat will make the lives of DJ's and technicians easier, and will give the audience a better and more dynamic sound experience.

The Freefloat is a specially designed aircushion for turntables in a DJ set-up. By placing a turntable on a Freefloat, direct contact between the turntable and the DJ booth is avoided. This results in improved skip resistance of the needles and eliminates rumble problems completely.

During DJ Ti�sto's recent concert in the Gelredome (25.000 visitors) the Freefloat was put to the test. Freefloats allowed Ti�sto to use more low-end in his set without the usual rumble problems that normally occur when playing at high volumes. Afterwards Ti�sto commented "Freefloat saved my concert".

Since then Freefloat has also been called to the rescue at events and festivals such as ID&T Sensation White & Black edition in the Amsterdam Arena, Ti�sto's truck in the Love parade Berlin, Extrema festival Eindhoven, The North Sea Jazz festival in The Hague and more!!!!!!"